June 2021 Planning Board Minutes

Meeting June 3, 2021

Meeting began at 6:32
Attendees: Joe Finnegan Chr., Allen Kelly Sec., Bill Hull, Bruce Durant
Wayne Day: excused
Absent: Jeff Gilson Code Enforcement.
Minutes: Minutes were distributed for review electronically prior to the meeting. A motion to accept the
minutes as written was made by Bill Hull and seconded by Bruce Durant.
Some progress at the Middlemiss residence has been noticed now. Much of the debris in the front yard
has been removed and some in the backyard has also been taken away.
Alice Reed will do what she can with the Watson property. She reportedly has help to cart away much of
the debris from the old building that has been knocked down.
The status of other properties and Court proceedings is not known. No report from Code Enforcement
is available at this time.
Building of a store and a church at the power museum property is currently being undertaken.
No other matters were before the board this night for consideration.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bruce Durant and seconded by Bill Hull.
He meeting was adjourned at 6:45.