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Assessor: Amy Hunt

Phone: 315-322-5760 or Cell: 315-244-6800

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Town of Madrid Taxpayers Over 65 –  You may be eligible for a senior exemption of your PRIMARY residence.  The County, certain schools and Town of Madrid have granted a tax exemption to persons over 65 years of age, who have owned their home for 12 consecutive months, who occupy their home as their legal primary residence and used exclusively for residential purposes and who meet certain income limitations.  Income limits are as follows:  School Districts:  Madrid-Waddington: $12,500 or less; Lisbon: $12,000 or less; Norwood-Norfolk $15,699.99 or less;  St Lawrence County $17,699.99 or less.; Town of Madrid: $25,699.99 or less  Deadline of application is March 1, 2023.  Application RP-467 is available at the Assessor’s office or the County Real Property office and online.  Amy Hunt Madrid Assessor 315-244-6800