Nov 5, 2020 Planning Minutes

Town of Madrid Planning Board Minutes

November, 5 2020

Time 6:30

Attendees: Joe Finnegan Chr., Allen Kelly Sec., Wayne Day, Bill Hull, Tony Cooper Sup.,

                     Jeff Gilmore Code Enforcement.


Old Business: The minutes from the previous meeting in October were distributed electronically to members of the board for review. No concerns were noted in response to the Sec. request.

A motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Bill Hull and seconded by Wayne Day.

The minutes were then approved by unanimous consent.

New Business: Joe said that Tony Cooper spoke to Jeff Gilmore about citing Michael Middlemiss on State Street and Chris Brothers on the Brady road. The issues are debris in the yard of the Middlemiss property this includes both the front yard which is an unsightly mess as well as the backyard which is littered with construction debris which encompasses almost the entire yard. The Brother’s residence on the Brady road has numerous vehicles in disrepair and car parts stored haphazardly about the property. It too is unsightly and unsafe. These are in violation of the code for storage of such items.

The Madrid Solar farm is now on hold as the developer is also doing another project in Waddington near Chipman. They want to coordinate the projects when they are ready to start.

Bill Hull is gifting some land to the town to enlarge the parking lot in the downtown area in front of the

Madrid Market and Bank. This will help to ease congestion and deliveries to businesses that are located in that area of downtown. This should help with the addition of the Blue House Restaurant coming in the near future. It will require parking for patrons and it is concerning as to where that might be as at times currently the lot is already crowded. It should also make it easier for trucks to unload when delivering goods and food to the several existing businesses already located in that block of buildings.

Some new construction of buildings at the Museum Property is being considered in the future.

A meeting with the Town Board will be requested in the future to address the need for more diligent enforcement of the existing code.

The Secretary will write a memo to the Town Supervisor requesting that the Boards could meet in an executive session. Suggested to happen before the end of the calendar year if scheduling will permit.

At issue is the need for more extensive enforcement of the existing code to remedy identified issues and problems within the Town that have been noted continually for an extended period of time. Despite these facts little progress has been made on many of these properties. It is the Board’s consensus that more needs to be done including citations and court hearings for offenders. It has become apparent that casual conversations and promises to remedy these situations is not enough as the properties remain as they are and issues are unaddressed.

Wayne Day made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Bill Hull. The meeting was adjourned at