Preliminary Budget Hearing

Notice is hereby given that the preliminary budget of the Town of Madrid for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2022 has been completed and filed in the office of the Town Clerk, at 3529 County Route 14, Madrid, NY 13660 where it is available for inspection by any interested person at all reasonable hours.

Further notice is hereby given that the Town Board of the Town of Madrid will meet and review said preliminary budget and hold a public hearing thereon, at the Town Office at 6:00 p.m. on the 10th day of November 2021, and that at such hearing any person may be heard in favor or against the preliminary budget as compiled or for or against any item or items therein contained.

Pursuant to Section 113 of the Town Law, the proposed salaries of the Town Officials are hereby specified as follows:

Supervisor $11,000.00

                 Town Clerk/Tax Coll. $23,556.00

                Councilperson (each) $ 2,750.00

                Town Justice $11,263.00

              Supt. of Highways $46,308.00

By order of the Town Board

Dated: October 22,2021

Zoe Hawkins, Town Clerk

Madrid, NY 13660

Water Main Break

Water main break north of the bridge to include St. Hwy 345, Caroline street, and 310. Customers should boil their water for consumption or cooking purposes for at least 5 minutes. We are making repairs and the water is being tested by an approved laboratory for contamination. If you have any questions, contact Bill Barkley at 315-322-3845, Brian Paige @315- 322-5059, or the NYS Department of Health at 315-386-1040.

We will notify you when the situation has been corrected, and you no longer need to boil your drinking water.

September 2021 Board Minutes

September 8, 2021

     A regular meeting of the Madrid Town Board was called to order at 6:30 P.M. in the town office.

      Members Present: Tony Cooper, Garry Wells, David Fisher, Alex Smith, Kevin Finnegan, Bill Barkley -Hwy. Supt., Zoe Hawkins- Town Clerk.

     Also Present: Kevin Acres, Bob Henninger, Colin Nicol, Morgan and Jon Curtis, Steve Rookey, Tina Burke, Anna Campbell, and Dennis Moore. 

     Public Comment:  Bob Henninger came to discuss water quality issues on Caroline Street, due to waterline being a dead end. The water is often not clear, and has an Iron level 2.5 times higher than the states recommended iron levels. Tina Burke said she has a whole house filtration system, and has had to replace several appliances over the last couple of years due to the damage the water has caused. Bill has tried flushing the lines more frequently, to help with the issue. Water pressure is also a problem, due to the water being in 1 inch lines.  Bob said he has spoken with engineers who believe that a loop would help solve the problem. The ARPA money that is available to the town, can be used for infrastructure, and Bob suggested that be used to fix the water issue on Caroline street. Bill said he doesn’t have the man power or equipment to do this project,  and said a contractor would have to be hired. It will probably be a 3 or 4 year project. The board told Bill to begin looking into different options, and have something to report for this issue at the next meeting.

      Kevin Acres gave an update on county business, he said the census is back, and Madrid is up approximately 30 people.

     The planning board rescheduled their monthly meeting, to September 13th, they are waiting on the County decision on the vet clinic.

     Anna Campbell suggested that the town should recognize the young person who cleaned the graffiti off of Bucks Bridge, as well as another young person who saved the life of his friend.

     Assessor: School Tax bills are out. Amy is meeting Erin Gratch, who is another assessor that is going to help her with the reval process. Amy is hoping to meet with her the 13th, or the 20th of September.

       MDMS: Anna reported that MDMS celebrated their 5th year of live events this summer. They held 7 nights of live musicians and entertainment in the park. They had 0 covid cases linked to the summer series. Choosing not to serve hot foods was received well by the public. Musicians were proved to the Towns 4th of July celebration, and the Libraries children event. All expenses were covered for 2021, and MDMS has a startup for 2022. There will be a 2022 winter series, January, February, and March dates will be announced. David has reached out to Boces, hoping to have students who need to do community service build the new band stand.  MDMS will hold a free prom formal wear even in March of 2022. Tony Signed a grant letter for MDMS. There was a motion made by the David Fisher, 2nd by Garry wells to allow Anna to turn in bills for the youth program, for up to $400.00 per year. All were in favor of this.

     The board reviewed the monthly report, Kevin Finnegan made a motion, 2nd by David Fisher to acknowledge receipt of monthly report. All were in favor.

     The board reviewed the monthly Bills General #230-248, for $8,011.02, Anna asked for approval on bill #248 for $103.34  at the meeting , and the board agreed to add it to the monthly bills.  Highway #126-137 for $156,275.34,  Water #59-64 for $920.57, Sewer #57-64 for $2,023.68, Lighting #9 for $1,199.38, and Trust & Agency #9 for $5,208.50. Kevin Finnegan made a motion, second by Garry Wells to pay the bills. All were in favor.

     Communications: NYS Teamsters Council Health and Hospital Fund offering a one time funding of HRA accounts for eligible participants.

     Associations of Towns Dues for 2022, $800.00.

     Aquastore will be doing their 1 year tank inspections, October 8th at 10 AM.

     NYS comptroller notice for an extra $683.54 on ARPA funds.

     Kevin Finnegan made a motion, second by Garry Wells promoting Constitution week September 17-23. All were in favor    

     Highway:  Jones and Smiths Corners Rd have been ground, and will have chip seal added.

      The generator at the sewer plant is having a charging problem, Bills general repair is working on it currently.

     The payloader is ready to be delivered, total balance due on it is $122,454.00 and this will be paid in cash.

     Bill sold surplus equipment on auctions international, for a total of $14,494.50.

     Salt is at $65 a ton, which is down from 71 per ton last year.

     Old Business: Looking into contracting with Potsdam Humane Society.

     Still waiting to hear from NYPA about LED lighting.

     Bill got a quote for a security system, of $5,385.84 from Barkleys lock and safe, he is waiting on one more quote before a decision is made.

     New Business: Looking at and considering budget for 2022, a meeting date will be set for this.

            Kevin Finnegan made a motion, 2nd by David FIsher to approve the minutes of the August 11, 2021 meeting. All were in favor.

     Next regular meeting will be Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 6:30 PM.

     Kevin Finnegan made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:24 PM.


     Zoe Hawkins, Town Clerk

August 11, 2021 Board Minutes

August 11, 2021

     A regular meeting of the Madrid Town Board was called to order at 6:33 P.M. in the Town Office.

     Members present: Tony Cooper, Garry Wells, Kevin Finnegan, Alex Smith, Bill Barkley Hwy. Supt., Zoe Hawkins- Town Clerk.

     Absent: David Fisher.

     Also Present: Allison Barkley, Dennis Moore, Collin Nicol.

     Public Comment: A letter has been sent, and accepted by the Housing Counsel to use up the remaining funds, and finish the current project.

     Plans for the Vet Clinic to be built have been submitted to the county.

     No Assessor report for July.

     MDMS: Audience numbers are good, 20-30 people are choosing to remain in or at their car  for their own safe distance and comfort. MDMS has AUG  11th and 18th as our last published Summer Series dates. We still have Aug 28th reserved for any make update or a late notice  special performance. MDMS has no current plans to host a fall dance or performances for September or rest of 2021.

      Attorney: Abstract done for the Hulls property, it has been sent to Bill Hulls attorney, waiting on closing documents.

     Allison Barkley came in to speak about getting Wifi, and an updated security system for the Community Building. Wifi would be good for community events so they could be streamed, and good for people who don’t have Wifi access at home. Bill is going to get 2 more quotes for a security system for the park to be reviewed by the board.

     Collin Nicol has some concerns with his water appearing dirty.  The Department of health says that the water has met its safety standards.

     The board reviewed the monthly report, Kevin Finnegan made a motion, 2nd by Garry Wells to acknowledge receipt of monthly report. All were in favor.

     The board reviewed  the monthly bills, General # 202-229 for $7,477.16, Highway #115-125 for $16,307.60, Water #49-58 for $2,283.60, Sewer # 51-56 for $4,383.85, Lighting #8 for $1,278.65, and Trust & Agency #8 $5,208.50. Garry Wells made a motion to pay the bills, 2nd by Alex Smith. All were in favor.

     Communications:  The town got The Bank note from Community bank to pay the interest/principal on the library loan, which is $7,000.00

     A letter has been written for the Library so they can get a apply for a grant to have the community room Kitchen remodeled.

     NYS Justice Court Fund for May 2021, Town- $1,074.00 and State- $2,336.00

     3rd Quarter sales tax was $106,862.52 which is up $20,000 compared to 2020. $85,000 will go to highway, the remaining amount will go to the general account.

      The board members each received an invite to the rescue squad banquet on September 17th.

      Highway: The county is paving County Route 30.

      The payloader is expected for delivery on 9/15.

      Power authority is going to repair all the roads that have been damaged from their equipment once the powerline project is complete.

     Bill has had all the surplus equipment placed on Auctions International.

     Bill, and the personnel committee will be interviewing people for the Highway dept. position.

     Old Business: A resolution to bond for the payloader for the town was approved if needed. A motion was made by Alex Smith, 2nd by Garry Wells, all were in favor of this.  

     Ilya Kholodenko from NYPA has Tonya Dougal Pushing National Grid to get a cost & Data for the streetlights.

     ARPA money has been received, this can be used for roads.

     New Business: Considering Budget for 2022.

       Kevin Finnegan made a motion, 2nd by Alex Smith to approve the minutes of the July 14th, 2021 meeting. All were in favor.

     Next regular meeting will be Wednesday, September 8th at 6:30 PM.

     Kevin Finnegan made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:29 PM.


Zoe Hawkins, Town Clerk

April 2021 Planning Board Minutes

Town of Madrid Planning Board Minutes

April 2021

Date: April 1, 2021
Time: 6:30
Note: This meeting is being conducted remotely via Zoom due to concerns around the transmission of
the Covid 19 virus.
Attendees: Joe Finnegan Chr., Allen Kelly Sec., Tony Cooper Sup., Wayne Day, Bruce Durant, Bill Hull.
The minutes for the month of march were distributed electronically previously to members for
review. A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Wayne Day and seconded by Bruce
Durant. The minutes were then accepted by unanimous consent of the members present.
Old Business: The Veterinary Clinic proposed for the location on Rte 310 needs to provide more
detailed plans and drawings to be forwarded to the County Planning Office for review. Their consent
will be required along with the Town Planning Board’s as the proposed project is located on a County
highway. Tony Cooper agreed to inform Jeff Gilson of the this need so as to facilitate the review
process and enable it to go forward expeditiously.
Re: Proposed Solar site on the Chipman Corners road has started although no site work has yet begun.
Re: Former Watson’s Chevrolet Building has been partially demolished and is now rubble with the
exception of the block structure which remains standing. Due to financial concerns, Alice Reed has
been unable to continue with the removal which is an expensive endeavor. She has told a board
member that she has made arrangements with someone to help her to accomplish this in the future.
It is a large structure and the associated costs are appreciable. The board notes her efforts to date and
is hopeful that more progress will happen with the improvement of the weather in the Spring.
Re: Michael Middlemiss residence remains in very bad shape. Although some litter has been cleared
from the front yard much is still there. The entire backyard is very unsightly and unkept. This property
is owned by Trudy Lawrence and she has been informed of the need for it to be attended to.
Bill Hulll stated that he will be attending a Town Board Meeting to discuss the land transfers/Grant
that he has proposed along with changing Elm Street to. A 1 way Street in the future. This would also.
Involve the County because it is located on a County Highway also. It is believed it would help with
traffic congestion and parking on the public square also.
Tony Copper reported that the Town has retained Colin Loomis as the new. Attorney for the Town of
Madrid. He is originally from Waddington and went to School at Madrid-Waddington as a child.
It was agreed that Planning Board would resume meetings in person at the Town Offices in the month
of May. The Town Board is reportedly scheduled to do so also
Bill Hull made a motion to Adjourn and Bruce Durant Seconded the motion.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:04.

May 2021 Planning Board Minutes

Town of Madrid Planning Board Minutes

May 2021

Date: May 6, 2021
Time: 6:33
Attendees: Joe Finnegan Chr., Allen Kelly Sec., Wayne Day.
Absent: Bill Hull, Bruce Durant, Jeff Gilson, Code Enforcement.
The meeting was called to order with the minimum requirement of 3 members for a quorum having
been met.
Minutes for April: The minutes for April were previously distributed for review by the board. A motion
to approve them as written was made by Wayne Day and seconded by Allen Kelly. The minutes were
then approved by unanimous consent of the members present.
Note: this meeting is the first meeting of the calendar year to be conducted in person due to Covid 19
and the need for protective measures. All members of the board and others present have been
vaccinated to prevent infection and spread of the virus.
Old Business: The status of cases before the court is unknown at this time. It is believed that court will
be starting up in person again soon. Some minimal progress was noted in the front yard at the
Michael Middlemiss residence on State street. He is reportedly now back living at the home again.
No other reports from code enforcement have been made to the board on other properties of
New Business: No new business was before the board this evening.
A motion to adjourn was made by Wayne Day and seconded by Allen Kelly.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:33.

June 2021 Planning Board Minutes

Meeting June 3, 2021

Meeting began at 6:32
Attendees: Joe Finnegan Chr., Allen Kelly Sec., Bill Hull, Bruce Durant
Wayne Day: excused
Absent: Jeff Gilson Code Enforcement.
Minutes: Minutes were distributed for review electronically prior to the meeting. A motion to accept the
minutes as written was made by Bill Hull and seconded by Bruce Durant.
Some progress at the Middlemiss residence has been noticed now. Much of the debris in the front yard
has been removed and some in the backyard has also been taken away.
Alice Reed will do what she can with the Watson property. She reportedly has help to cart away much of
the debris from the old building that has been knocked down.
The status of other properties and Court proceedings is not known. No report from Code Enforcement
is available at this time.
Building of a store and a church at the power museum property is currently being undertaken.
No other matters were before the board this night for consideration.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bruce Durant and seconded by Bill Hull.
He meeting was adjourned at 6:45.

July 2021 Planning Board Minutes

Attendees: Joe Finnegan Chr., Allen Kelly Sec., Wayne Day, Bruce Durant, Bill Hull,
Jeff Gilson Code Enforcement.
The minutes for the month of June were previously distributed via Email for review by Board Members
prior to tonight’s meeting. A motion to accept the minutes for the Month of June as written was made
by Bruce Durant and seconded by Wayne Day. The minutes were then approved by a vote of unanimous
New Business: Joe Said he got a letter about Solar Projects and a request for the minutes of the Planning
Board. Secretary will look into this matter and try to provide this information.
Brooke Pryce: is interested in building a small building for her a cleaning service business.
It appears their property is zoned R/A and there is no reason that this could not be done there.
Secretary will write her a letter requesting drawings of her proposed building with setbacks as this will
have to be sent to the county for review as it is adjacent to a county road.
JP Fetterly is interested in a body repair shop at his home on the Jenner Road.
There is a party interested in building a solar farm on a property adjacent to The Cemetery along the
river off Main Street. That property is zoned R/H and cannot be used for commercial solar as per that
Elm Street is still congested and dangerous when large trucks transit that bend in the road. Bill Hull has
Given property to the Town for parking out in front of the Blue House Restaurant. More needs to be
done by the Town Board to facilitate changing the parking area. Changing El. Street to a one way street
is a possibility that might be considered in the future. It is believed that this could help relieve traffic
congestion in the downtown area somewhat with the addition of more parking spaces in front of the
blue house restaurant.
Motion to Close the meeting By Allen Kelly seconded by Bruce Durant.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:13.